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“Keep It Right There” by Ali Lee

There are times we encounter a talented singer. Sometimes a beautiful model, or dancer, actress, and so on. Have you ever truly seen the complete package?

We introduce Ali Lee.

This young beautiful woman has talent coming out her every muscle. She has danced at some of the most popular Atlanta night clubs, modeled in a large variety of fitness and bikini calendars. Now she has worked her way into singing her first single “Keep It Right There”.
This is a hot, sexy, steamy video, where she shows us how hard she works her body and shows off her musical talents. The song is written with Keith Thomas. We are sure she will be releasing more music soon. We will attempt to set up an interview soon to get more insight of Ali’s future projects.
Be sure to check it out on iTunes!
Watch the video and please leave a comment below. And if you want to see Ali Lee Modeling , she is amazing.

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