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Danger 5 – New Online Video Series.

Danger 5 is an online video series that focuses on World War II as if it happened in the 1960’s.  Danger 5 is a Special Ops Team  made of an international group from the US, Australia, Russia, Great Britain, and Europe.  The missions are full of action and offbeat humor, but the classic 1960’s feel is what stands out the most.  We will keep our eye open for this one.

Check out this first episode where Jackson (USA), Pierre (EU) and Tucker (AU) are deep undercover in Nazi Germany. Armed with guns, poison, plastic explosive and raw patriotism, they plan to end World War II at Hitler’s favourite nightspot, the Black Dog. Just as the Big Man shows up in their iron sights, so does his new bullet-proof vest — made of 24-carat She-Nazis!


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