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Ep – 17 Slice 2 movie premiere

Slice 2 is a Horromedy which features Pierre Edwards (comedian/actor/producer/director) as the Inspector Clouseau-like, lead detective searching for a serial killer that uses a machete as his ‘weapon of choice’. Fuel by the comedic antics of co-star, Greg Allen Williams, as the police precinct commander, and other local comedians and actors from the Atlanta-area, there is a mixture of exploding loud laughter, breath-taking ghostly gasps, and piercing scary screams resonating wall-to-wall…scene-to-scene…among the cozy, collection of filmgoers, cast members, and myself in the viewing of this freshly anointed movie.

Slice 2 Trailer from CEO Pierre on Vimeo.
We visit the premiere at the Uptown Comedy Club in Atlanta. We also sit down with lead actress Doris Morgado about her role and what new things are coming her way. The presentation had a hitch where the player gave out and we were entertained by various comedians, including Rodney Perry.

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