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Avatar coming to iTunes.. Same film but different.

I know we cover indie film makers, and actors, but I wanted to hi-light the record breaking film because we believe it is the biggest hint of what the future of the entertainment in film is, and what is possible.

Writer/director James Cameron has not only pushed boundaries of 3D animation, visual effects and 3D all at once, but he continues his trend by pushing iTunes into a new level of presentation with the extras he has added to the film when purchased.  Although you can not see the whole film using the new overlays he introduces, you can see quite a few scenes where you can use your mouse to reveal the green screen footage over the finished film footage.   In addition, you can see layers revealing the actual scenes as they we shot, the animatics and the final all at once.

Now, I am not saying indie film makers should start focusing on visual effects and 3D, but know that the future is bright and your imagination can soon be completely done digitally and then shared how ever you please.  Enjoy the attached video where some of the effects I am speaking of are shown.


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