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Wahooly, The start-up for Start-ups. Launches today! Social Owners need apply. (update)

Today marks a big day for start-up website The site launches today and it has many of its members extremely excited. That would include me, why? Well, the premise of the business is according to its Google+: “Accelerating Start-up growth through online influence.” In other words, members that join Wahooly (like me) will be introduced to start-up companies that need heavy social media marketing. The members will check out the business model and determine whether the business is a viable one. The start-ups will have created agreements with Wahooly to offer equity in the company for supporting the businesses. That equity is transferred to the members of Wahooly.

Imagine if you had owned just a fraction of a percent of LinkedIn when it went public? Or, what if you had a piece of any company that got purchased by Google?

Ok English… Start-ups need to get popular in a very reasonable amount of time. Most top companies today rely on happy users to spread the word making the business more popular and increase sales. Wahooly connects the businesses to people who are willing to spread the word on great products and services. The new startup offers up 5% equity for 5,000 users. That means that you, along with 4,999 other users all own an equal share of that 5%. Not too shabby for simply signing up.

It is a great concept, and it is open to unto 25,000 “wahooligans” to spread the word. Once in it is unto the members to check out the businesses and become one of the 5,000 to receive a cut. So if the business is a real success, you are a part shareholder in a successful business and all you have to do is spread the word. I Love it!

How does Wahooly work?

Wahooly introduces start-ups to its members and they decide if they’d like to sign-up. Once a member has become part of a start-up, they are tracked based on three variables: Value of feedback, level of activity and result of influence. Based on those variables, they are assigned a score. The score is how compensation is determined. The total compensation available is dependent upon the success of the start-up the member is participating in.

The actual algorithm for each of those three variables changes for each start-up. User activity is measured based on factors given by each startup to indicate usage. Value of feedback is based on the response from the community. In other words, how many people agree with what you’re saying. And, result of influence is based on the actions each start-up is looking for (sign-ups, downloads, etc.).

We were informed that there is a 24 hour delay on the launch of the website. Good Luck Wahooly.

Launch is expected at 4pm Feb. 1st.

Welcome my Wahooligans. Please don’t forget to share and comment. This is how it all begins!

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