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What the next AppleTV or iTV should be.

Rumors have been going crazy on some words Steve Jobs said in his autobiography, about solving the TV problem. He has had the hobby of an AppleTV for a number of years, way before “Smart TV’s were even thought of. The rumors go as far as talking to your TV to hand gestures in the air I guess, ala XBoX style.

Although it is possible for Apple to use some of these technologies, I believe that the discussion have very weak merits. For one, no ever seems to guess Apples ideas until they are out on a store shelf. Apple almost never goes the easy route. Talking to a tv, sure, but what happens when half your house is asleep? Do you whisper? What about if you are laying in the couch? Do you start swinging your arms in the air to change a channel?

How about these possibilities?

  1. An Internet connected TV that gets streams of your selected channels, so you only pay for the channels you really want to watch, and not pay packages that you don’t want.
  2. Have all access to the channels you had selected on all your iOS devices, and computers live or in demand for a package fee. There were some apps trying to do this, but have not succeed.
  3. Netflix on steroids. The service could merge iTunes, Netflix, and the networks in a fluid combined interface, with the apple remote or remote app.
  4. Why does it have to be a tv? Higher costs? Na. The simple set top box to add to your tv would allow everyone to afford this technology at a fraction of the cost and Apple could maximize iAds into the mix to make a ton of money. The experience is the content, not necessarily the TV. More eyes and a standardization of an experience is what Apple has mastered.
  5. If its a TV, then include FaceTime and apps into the mix, video chat with friends about your TV experience. What are we all watching? And then connect PING, the failed Apple social experience and shove it down our throats on a TV. We would all be connected while watching TV. Jane loved the episode of “The River”. Missed it? She shared it on PING.. With a link to buy, so you can watch it and share your thoughts with a chat.. Video chat that is.

That’s only the beginning, Apple can go way out of the Box here beyond most expectations, it can be the best social. Multilevel experience ever made..that is what Apple is made of.

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