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Max Landis Returns to Script ‘Chronicle 2′

Fox liked the way that Chronicle turned out — the low-budget ‘teens with powers’ film has made over $100m worldwide so far, and even when promotional costs other sundry expenses are factored in, that’s pretty damn good for a film that cost… We enjoyed the original movie where teens get powers from  mysterious object they found.  The story did leave some open possibilities, where the object was never explained and one of the characters is still out there, flying around and living his life.

So it would be interesting, to see if Max Landis can continue with the innocents that he exposed us to in the original with his character developement or if it will focus on the mystery object that can give you powers.

Josh Trank has already been connected to a potential Venom movie, so there is still much to sort out.  To find out more click the link below, and if your a fan comment on what you think.

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