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Is Apple Prepping for a Macbook Tablet?

Earlier today Patently Apple reported something about a trademark Apple was filing where “MacBook Pro” would cover computers but also “touchscreens” and “tablet computers”.

The article focuses on an announcement made by Intel about their Haswell Ultrabook where it would become a computer that can also be a tablet when you want it to be one.

Patently Apple says about the Haswell:

So why is Intel ramping up Ivy Bridge to be way ahead of schedule and include a new microarchitecture? Because Intel is rushing their new from scratch processor called Haswell for 2013 in an effort to take on ARM and any other wannabe competitor in the mobile space.

So if Apple’s Trademark is real and they want to include tablets with the name MacBook um Touch. I suddenly became very excited. Apples Lion and Mountain Lions operating system have merged many of the capabilities of the iPad, starting with its apps, the notebook and its reminders apps; then also including the multi-touch trackpad on the laptops and available for the desktop, the TrackPad. Creating multi finger gestures part of the way you interact with the Mac OS.

The other hint is the ability for apple to master the art of ultra thin notebooks called the MacBook Air. There are no moving parts, but can be expanded using USB 2 and Thunderbolt which Apple has placed very high bets on, skipping USB 3.

So if everyone is getting used to the idea of touching and interacting with the OS, and have mastered the market of tablets, then it only seems potentially natural that Apple would create a product that matches the best of both worlds. Much like Windows 8, it is possible that Mac OS XI could be a full touch capable OS with a full computer tablet.

Yes I am fantasying, but I am using some supportive facts here.

What do you think? Share your thoughts.

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