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Douglas Trumbull changing the way we will see Films forever.

Legendary Visual Effects Designer and Supervisor Douglas Trumbull is at it again. Only this time he is recreating the way we will experience films forever. Changing the way we have perceived moving pictures for over a century and with the advent of better 3D this will revolutionize the way it is shot.

Trumbull has helped invent countless techniques and technology for film before. Photographing the Visual Effects for 2001 a Space Odyssey , Close Encounters of the third Kind , Star Trek the Motion Picture , Blade Runner, and Tree of Life. He holds several patents and has been creating new technology ever since he was young.

Douglas’s Showscan is a cinematic process developed using 65 mm film photographing films at 60 frames per second that’s 2.5 times faster than standard film. It creates a very high resolution picture with dramatically smoother and more realistic motion. The newer version of this process is Showscan Digital  in which it doubles the frame rate to 120 fps.

In the video below he explains his new process of shooting footage at 120 frames per second down grading it to 60 frames per second then deleted the inbetween frames to bring it to 24 frames per second. Showing the motion blur to be more smoother and you get extreme detail in the motion.

Motion pictures are shot using  24 frames per second since its beginning. With this new process you can capture all of the image instead of losing parts of the image forever.  Peter Jackson has experimented in a change of shooting at 48 frames per second on the “Hobbit” with mixed reviews, hopefully this newer process exhibits a warmer welcome.

I hope you enjoy the video and get an understanding of the new horizon for film and 3D to come.  Let us know what you think below.

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