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Is a Mac better than a PC?

by Daniel Sellers

The question can cause religious-like debates from some of the most unassuming people. Why is the question asked so often? In an attempt to answer the question, let us put our technical comparisons aside for a moment. Most people I know want to be on a winning team. Many of us thrive on the tension of the hero verses the villain. Good versus evil. Those looking from the outside in cannot understand why this comparison of a Mac verses a PC is so important. However, it is important. Here is why.

Let us first get the facts straight. PC is the abbreviation for Personal Computer. Mac is the shortening of Macintosh. It is humorous to note that Mac has been and continues to be a personal computer. But let us not get into that.

The difference in the terminology of PC and Mac originated several decades ago. At first it was the IBM computer representing the “suits” compared to the Macintosh which represented the creative personality. As time progressed, the term IBM was replaced with “PC” which is now analogous to Microsoft’s Windows. Macintosh was marketed to be more than a PC.

In present day the debate is just as heated. One only needs to look at recent advertising campaigns to experience the rivalry. How could anyone forget Apple’s “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads? What about Microsoft’s frigid come back “I’m a PC” series of advertisements? Well…maybe you did forget the “I’m a PC” series. You would not be the only one.

The point is this debate, which is better, will continue just as movies plotting the hero against the dastardly villain. In the end it all winds up to be entertainment. Isn’t it? Maybe say, In the end, it is all pretty entertaining. Isn’t it? As far as answering, which of the two is better, I will leave that for another article.

Daniel Sellers


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