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iOS “Podcast” App first look!

Apples official Podcast app for iOS has been released and we decided to show some details about it. Starting with the interface and touching into what it may mean to entertainment in general.

On our video we focused on the iPhone look and feel of the app, but we should also say that the iPad version carries much of the same look as the iPhone counterpart.

We are beta testing iOS 6 so we can not confirm if this is the same interface for the podcast catalog, but at the very least this is what it looks like on iOS 6.

Compared to the iPhone version, the catalog is easier to maneuver on the iPad.

The top of the catalog uses the familiar “Coverflow” interface and the bottom rows flow beyond the screen with a simple swipe.

On the “more” option you get a sub menu covering a majority of the categories available. The selection is pretty much the same as it was when it was part of iTunes.

Some questions have been brought up about why there is a “redeem” option in the podcast catalog, considering most if not all podcast a free. A few speculate that it might be a possible open door to make money on the shows/ episodes for the content creators. That would be huge; if you are a content creator, but the technology behind this possibility has not been made available. Consider that Apple clearly would make their own cut “30%” is the norm. And some form of copy protection would be needed. The problem also lies in whether most shows have a large enough fan base for that to be a credible business model, but it would be a nice option to have.

“Some questions have been brought up about why there is a “redeem” option in the podcast catalog, considering most if not all podcast a free.”

That is where it gets complicated. The content creator by default, currently hosts his own content and would need to create a new RSS feed similar to the way the app developers are currently doing it now. This would change the structure of podcasts, as currently watchers can use a variety of tools to subscribe to the podcasts.

It is simply possible that the button is there because the catalog still is part of iTunes. But the possibilities. Ahhhhh.

In conclusion, the apps work great, the ability to subscribe and then choose in settings how you want to experience the episodes is straight forward. You can stream, or automatically download. The added plus is the ability to use AirPlay to stream the content to your HDTV if you have the AppleTV. Which also has its own Podcast option, with less controls.

Enjoy and let us know what you think, share and be a part of the conversation.




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