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Spirit World Productions – Get Connected July

In this quick interview we meet Chase Smith from Spirit World Productions, an Atlanta based production company that consists of 3 members, and a team of film makers which they work with.

The team writes, shoots, directs, their own productions. Chase himself was born and raised in the great state of Georgia, rather than run to Hollywood to follow his movie dreams, he attended the University of Georgia, played football there, got an MBA, MPA and an MFA while writing script after script.

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Second team member is Kenny Bump who is a writer, cinematographer and co-produces projects with Spirit World.

Third is Jake Williams, who also co-produces and is a cinematographer. All of them are heavily chasing their dreams in film making together.

They are currently finalizing the film named “Perdition”.

“PERDITION” is a psychological horror thriller about FEAR – more than that, it is about the painful realization that every choice we make -MUST be paid for. Whether we decide to steal someone’s boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband or we plot to sabotage a co-worker so we can get ahead, or more simply, and straight to the point —- when we make the decision to sacrifice what we know is “right” to go after what we “want”, all of our choices come with a cost…And sometimes that cost is higher than we can imagine.

One other film mentioned in the interview is “Doorway” which is based on an occurrence in Chase’s family. Both films are suspense/ horror but he mentions that a new film will be their first attempt in comedy with a heavily casted ensemble.

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