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The Silent Darkness: Rise of the Witch -Indie Lounge

We talked about this film in an earlier article, but this time we were able to catch up with the director at this month’s Get Connected, where the organizer of the event is also involved in this project.

Kickstarter Project The Silent Darkness: Rise of the Witch is an ambitious project by producer, writer Don Ranow, about an ancient Witch that returns for her revenge on the village town that executed her generations ago… and only one stands in her way!

The project is looking for public support to enhance some of the private funding, surely to cover some of the stunts and effects being done for the film.

Drawing inspiration from films such as “Twilight”, Don wanted to reinvent the concept of the Witch, to create a powerful horror/thriller film, with an excited crew who have fallen in love with Don’s script.

The project sounds exciting, most of the cast and shooting will be in Georgia, with most of the cast being local to the Atlanta vicinity.   With a city full of zombies, it is a bit refreshing to know that a witch is coming to town.  Read up on the project and support it if your interested. Let us know what you think.

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