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Kary Sit – Mr. Boy ft. T3K – Music Video

Kary Sit

Just got introduced to this sexy new artist Kary Sit. Listening to this tune, one can instantly hear its catchy hooks and melodies and we can only imagine how well she can do overseas. When we received the email introducing this artist we got details:

Kary Sit got major buzz in Japan and her appearance is everywhere in Tokyo from Major TV stations, Radio stations, magazines and the biggest newspaper to Billboard TV (Equalivent to New York Time Square billboard). In the US, her twitter followers are reaching 120k with her fans from East Coast mainly Africian American descent. She is definitely the next superstar. Japanese fans call her young Madonna meets Janet Jackson.

The video is shot well, showing the beautiful Kary Sit, riding on a bike going to what appears to be a school locker area. Then jumps into what seems like an alter ego wrapped in leather behind a jail cell. Well between the hot scenes, lyrics and dancing, the combination makes for a future act to follow.

So tell us what you think below and if interested, follow the artist.

Music video “Mr Boy ft. T3K” by Kary Sit. © 2012 KCS Entertainment.
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EPK for Kary

Based in Hollywood, KARY is Madonna meets Dita Von Teese. She started her music journey as being a ghost writer/producer for one of Dr. Dre’s close-connected studios in Burbank, California, worked on uncountable projects for Disney Channel & Warner Bros. Later on, she started her production team with her own publishing company which currently has more than 50 established, celebrity-level producers & writers. KARY became a recording artist in 2009 when she released her debut song & Music Video “Distaste”. In 2011, she set up her new music campaign “What’s Your Fantasy?” including her songs “Dangerous Innocence” & “Can you Handle This?”. Followed by her first Japan Music Tour in January 2012 with a total of 10 shows in Tokyo, she got all the attentions from different Japan major labels (Universal jp, Avex, Sony jp), managing companies, audience and other very important guests from upscale society and celebrities. Japanese press call her “the sexiest female artist in the era” and “young Madonna meets Janet Jackson”. While doing her tour in Japan, KARY got invited to do a special show at the A-list club Lex where only the A-list Hollywood celebrities perform there in Japan. KARY’s appearance was everywhere in Japan from major newspapers, magazines, TV station interviews, major radios to Billboard TV in Shibuya Tokyo (equivalent to the Billboard in New York Timesquare). She was also invited for an interview by the president of Japan leading newspaper company, Kyodo News. KARY also had her 30 minute appearance in Ameba TV Channel with over 10,000 audience in that hour.
Back in the US, KARY is finishing her full length album co-produced with Ryan Bowser (Producer of Nelly, Usher, etc) and LEW LAING (Producer of Omarion). Major label executives in LA are interested in KARY and reached her out proactively. In June, KARY released her new music video “Mr. Boy” and got more than 50k views on youtube in 3 days. She is preparing for her full length album and US music tour in winter. Kary is releasing her new single MADE OF FIRE this week.

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