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How Healthy Is Our VFX Industry? Industry leader asks.

I read this article and had to write about it. ;At the Lounge we tall often about how the music industry has changed and the film industry has changed, even television has been effected by the shift in technology. ; As things modernize they become more affordable. ;to create music and do an album, it cost tens of thousands. ;Now you can get a Mac, and use inexpensive software to replace a huge studio. To make a film, you can rent of buy DSLR’s to get high quality results. ;


This article focuses on how the VFX is also having its phase and shift. Underneath our noses, high end graphics and the equipment it takes to make them has dramatically changed and as a result, the multi-million dollar productions are able to do more. ;

Vfx companies have had to balance the expense of the equipment and the shift of its changes which occur so fast that at times the expense and the shift do not match. Hence forcing many businessEd to fail. ;This is happening both in the US and overseas. ;


If you have an interest in how these changes occur and how it has affected the industry, read on. ;

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