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Solid Angle’s Arnold renderer showreel 2013

Solid Angle has been busy creating an amazing renderer called Arnold  for the last 16 years it has been put into  the production pipeline of Sony Imageworks as it’s renderer and into their Katana lighting / look development pipeline software.  First feature film was Sony’s ” Monster House” and every movie since has used it.

Marco Farjardo the software’s creator has been busy since then creating it for different software implementations  as plug – ins for Softimage , Maya, Lightwave and Houdini.  It has been put in many companies pipelines like Sony Imageworks, Framestore , Mill, Psyop, Mr X , Jellyfish, Mirkos Image, Glassworks and many others.  Here is there newest showreel for 2013 …..

For info on Arnold there is a great article on FXguide called ” The Art of  Rendering” where it gives you the history of Arnold and just about every renderer that is out.


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