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Thoughts of peace and meditation. (Indie Film)

This documentary delivers a universal message of peace. In 53 minutes, this film spans the cosmos, instincts, reincarnation, cellular biology, personality disorders, computer science and much more and offers a compelling case about why meditation is vital for our evolution, both personal and otherwise.If you enjoy it and find it thought-provoking, please share it with a few of your closest friends, colleagues and family members.Special thanks to Radiohead, Krishna Das, Greg Pruess and all the other fine musicians and contributors on this film who’ve given me permission to incorporate their work. from

About the film maker

In 1982 Frank Huguenard received a BS from Purdue University in Computer Science and has spent decades in silicon valley as a software engineer. About ten years ago, he was escorted out the door of the company he was working at by an armed guard when he was fired for inventing a product that not only contained most of the functionality of Skype, but which had features Skype still doesn’t have!! All of this happened while his best friend and soul mate was losing her battle with breast cancer. Several years later, Skype was purchased for $3 Billion by eBay and Frank was still unemployed and broke. In a quest to make sense of his bewilderment, he set out on a spiritual journey to understand the nature of reality and why so many people on this planet are suffering. The result of this search has been his desire to share with the world the knowledge that he has learned.

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