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Lost-2-Found Tribute (Music Video)

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We accept people sending us videos on our Facebook, at times they are videos shared at random. This one caught our eye, outside of great sound production and its great sentiment, we found this video grab a moment in time where violence continues to echo in our society. This video is a must see for its complete package of feeling and entertainment, we wish the 480 Music Group and its Directors Nadia Tatum and Rodney Jackson much success.

Tribute song to the many lives lost in the Connecticut and Colorado Shootings, Trayvon Martin, and so many more love ones. We must come together as one to Stop The Violence and protect our children who are the Future!!!!

480 Worldwide tribute in remembrance to the Connecticut and Colorado Shootings, Trayvon Martin and so many more. Brought to you by 480 Music Group’s very own artist: Tavares Wilson and Shane Donavan.

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480 Music Group
S1N feat. Shane Donavon
Directed By: Nadia Tatum & Rodney Jackson

Carlosphoenix moderator

What a strong video and what a great sound.  Congrats on great work.

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