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How to distribute your films? How about a Film Festival

Jerome Courshon is know for an old film “God, Sex & Apple Pie” where he figured out for himself and now talks about his film festival journeys to self-releasing his first movie into theaters to securing distribution with Warner Bros.,Courshon has faced innumerable obstacles.

He has not done many films but he has been recognized for teaching his knowledge of film distribution. He sells DVD which he shares his knowledge. We are not endorsing him, but we do like much of what he has to say. Research him and see if he can inspire you on where your energies should go if you are making a film. 

Jerome Courshon from his Program “THE SECRETS TO DISTRIBUTION: Get Your Movie Distributed Now!” on film festival strategies.
Based on my live classes for the past 5 years, I have created a 3-Day “Distribution School,” which is a powerful hands-on DVD Program to assist Producers & Directors with learning everything they need to achieve successful distribution for their movie or documentary. And if interested in going the DIY route or utilizing the internet to sell your movie, a full third of “THE SECRETS TO DISTRIBUTION” is dedicated solely to this path.
Nothing like this has ever been created before, and no film school in the world teaches the powerful information contained in this Program. If you’ve accomplished the Herculean task of making a movie or documentary — or you intend to — it’s time to learn how to actually get it into the marketplace, quickly and successfully.

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