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Geek Girl Comedy Series – Generic Girl Ep.6 – “Meanwhile…” (Web Series)

EP6: Will Gillian ever find an end to the endless bureaucracy? Will Pete finally be grandfathered into the Heroes Guild of America, posthumously or not?


Watch the Entire Season One Playlist:

Generic Girl is a live action comic series about closet comic geek girl Gillian who receives a mysterious package and must battle villains, superheroes, bureaucracies, and one mad talking machine. Madness.

We’re independent filmmakers (Victor and Steven) who created this live action comic for our fellow comic fans and connoisseurs of fine satire, henchmen, dancing-girls, and adventure. Holy Guacamole.

Hangout with us weekly to chat with us and our actors, fans, and most excellent fancy friends from the spheres of comics, film, and web series.

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