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X-Men Origin of Professor X (Web Series)


As a fan of comic books we have often gone to the movies and said to our selves, boy they must not have read the comic. It doesn’t follow the comics at all. Yet we get caught up in the FX and become fans anyway. Here we have true comic fans who at least would like to visualize what the story could have looked like straight from the comic page. It is an ambitious undertaking when you consider the budget. But this is season two of the X-Men Web Series, so sit back, understand where this is coming from and enjoy the story.

We take a look into the origin of Professor Charles Xavier. Starting with his childhood and dealing with the death of his father as well as a new step brother. New Episodes Each Wednesday. First 11 episodes focus on individual Origin Stories.

We had interviewed the creator of the series, check out what he had to say.

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