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Singer, Song Writer Prisca, The Super Talented Music Artist


When we say talent, this young woman’s picture should be next to the word on the dictionary.  We introduce Prisca, we would like to call her a super talent.  Sure we have met singer song writers before. But few write with the depth and passion that we get from Prisca. Aside from a soulful voice, which you can check out from our previously posted music video (Lounge website only), she has written music for Ryan Snow, which shows her flexibility in her writing skills.

Her lyrics are so relatable and touch the heart to the degree that people in the audience got teary eyed.  Keep in mind, for some this is their first time hearing her songs.

Here we present Prisca at the CD release party for Ryan Snow, where  she sat with her sticker ladened keyboard and offered her sense of humor as well as a stunning performance.  Enjoy and please share.. we aren’t doing this simply for the fun of it.. but well it is fun.

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