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Resident Alien (Full Series)

resident alien

Episode 1 of 4. Please watch in HD and subscribe to this channel to be the first to view Episode 2 which premiere’s next week.

Many people considered Charlie a weird and paranoid conspiracy theorist who worries about everything and anything. One day, he believes that he has stumbled upon what he considers the discovery of his lifetime: an alien invasion.

RESIDENT ALIEN is a sci-fi comedy written and directed by Rogelio Salinas III that takes a satirical look at how many people view some of the customs of Latinos as strange or even out of this world.
Starring – Taylor James Johnson, Michael Maponga, Veronica Orosco, John Lambert, Maxine Greco, Troy Aranda, Erika Bustamante, and Itzel Villegas.
Featuring the amazing music by Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip…
Filmed with a Red One, Canon T4i, and GoPro Hero 3.
Rest of the credits are at the end of the film.

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