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Sex, Love, and Adrian Manzano (Film Maker)


From the Georgia Latin Film Festival, we catch Adrian Manzano presenting his latest film “Sex, Love, & Salsa” and we chat about the film and how he go into film. “Sex, Love, & Salsa” is a latin how to be a player in NYC. Shot in a documentary style it is a deep and raw look at a young man looking for open relationship but in his own attempts to seduce, falls for one of his conquests.
Adrian has a great film in his hand and is doing the Film Festival Circuit and winning awards with his story and actors.

The story of Julian Suarez, 29 going on 30, who loves women so much he can’t have just one. Three in particular have caught his eye at the moment, Genny, voluptuous, rambunctious, romantic; Ingrid, posh, daring, sophisticated, and Maria, artful, salsa dancer, and it seems Mr. Suave might have just met his match with this Maria… makes him wonder when is it really the right time to settle down?

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