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Music Video Lounge Ep 2

Music Video Lounge Ep2


So it has begun! The official Music Video Lounge on The Lounge Network! Music from Independent Artist that deserve notice.

In this great Episode we have music from Ali Lee, Ryan Snow, Bella Saona, Sean Donovan, and our own Soi Fabulous!
Enjoy, share and let us know of a great artist you know of!

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The Lounge covers Musicians, Film Makers, Comic Artist, Illustrators and more.
We will be presenting artists’ of all genres and their musical talents in professionally shot music videos. We will be opening a new world of entertainment with the Music Video Lounge. Each video will have bits of information during the video so you can learn about each artist. also has interviews with most of the artists so feel free to become a fan.

Sit Back enjoy and by all means share this episode, these artists deserve new fans!

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