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Music Artist Lea Anderson Interview (Bonus Footage)

Lea 2

Music Artist Lea Anderson gave an exclusive rooftop interview to Carlos Phoenix Live. Carlos is the Host of The Lounge Network.
Lea Anderson is a Washington DC Native and she performed live at Tijuana Picnic a few days before the interview, when she launched her latest music video there. That performance was added after this interview. We did a multi camera Live Stream from Harlem on Facebook Live, the footage here is raw and unedited.
Lea is an incredibly talented R&B music artist who has slowly been compiling her artistic creations, and selectively placing her best work forward. We have decided to present this wonderful talent on the show to help her, get her art the recognition it deserves.

This grand artist, invited us with her soulful sound and her ambitious persona, to introduce us to her latest music. Together with two amazing music videos from Lea ( Pronounced Lee), We enjoy songs like “Tell Me Yes” and “One Good Man”. Feel free to share this episode as it will help us know to create future ones.
#GETTHANKED as we strictly used Tmobile cellular service to livestream this episode. #TMobile

Lea Anderson

Twitter @iamleaanderson

InstaGram @iamleaanderso

Carlos Phoenix can be found at @realTLN on Twitter and

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