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131: CW Superman in Action – The Flash and Arrow Preview (10/02/16)

The hosts discuss Spider-Man: Homecoming filming in New York City, the new Dr. Strange IMAX trailer, CW Superman in action, Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming schedule, the opening credits to Luke Cage, why Abin-Sur was flying a space ship and Wonder Woman writer, Greg Rucka, confirming her sexuality. Plus, a look ahead to season 3 of The Flash and season 5 of Arrow on CW , Gotham, Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D, and the Nerd’s illustration for A Place To Hang Your Cape’s anti-bullying charity calendar!

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Rate and review us in iTunes! Show notes: Help spread the geekery with a Jock and Nerd merchandise! Support the show on Patreon for bonus content! Links and other stuff we talked about Follow Rugboy on Twitter @ReallyRugboy Subscribe to Jock and Nerd on YouTube! [00:03:42] News Links Tyron Woodley Reveals Why He Left Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man: Homecoming – Tom Holland Shows Off Spidey Suit In Queens Take A Close Up Look At The Wall-Crawler’s Suit In SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING In New Set Photos And Video ‘Do The Right Thing’ actor Bill Nunn dies at 62 DOCTOR STRANGE – Official IMAX Trailer #4 (2016) Doctor Strange May Introduce the Illuminati to the MCU Superman Takes Flight in New Supergirl Season 2 Teaser Daredevil Might Not Return To Netflix Until 2018 New Luke Cage Trailer Released Watch: ‘Luke Cage’ Opening Credits Show Harlem in Mike Colter’s DNA Why Was Abin Sur Flying a Spaceship in the First Place? Green Lantern Harambe Meme Greg Rucka Confirms Wonder Woman Is Queer and “Themyscira Is a Queer Culture” in New Interview [00:39:25] The promos we played Mr. Throwback Thursday Dead X Radio [00:41:26] The Flash Season 3 and Arrow Season 5 Preview The Flash Season 3 Trailer: New Timeline, New Villains & Heroes The Flash Season 3: First Look At Tom Felton The Flash & Supergirl Musical Crossover Plans To Include An Original Song The Flash Season 3 Villains So Far Arrow Season 5: Break The Rules Trailer Arrow Episode 100 Brings Back Two Surprising Characters From The Past Stephen Amell Poses With Deathstroke While Arrow Shoots Its 100th Episode Villain for the Four-Part CW Superhero Crossover Revealed! Greg Rucka Confirms Wonder Woman Is Queer and “Themyscira Is a Queer Culture” in New Interview [01:04:00] Comic Book TV Highlights Gotham AGENTS OF SHIELD SEASON 4 EPISODE 2 Meet The New Boss Latest AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Clip Introduces Jason O’Mara’s New Director – Is He Jeffrey Mace/The Patriot? What Is The Darkhold On Agents Of SHIELD? Could Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle Punish Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ This Season? [01:20:27] AP2HYC Anti-Bullying Calendar AP2HYC.COM/Powerforgood The Nerd’s illustration [01:28:08] Recommendations Swiss Army Man LISTEN TO THE POST SHOW ON PATREON! Thank you to, A Place to Hang Your Cape, The WeBeGeeks Network, and The Tangent Bound Network for their support! Make sure you check them out for more great geek content!

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