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JAN 136: Deadpool 2 Loses Director – The Walking Dead Discussion (10/30/16)

Matt Delhauer joins Imran and Rugboy to talk AT&T buying Time-Warner, The Batman, Dr. Strange, Deadpool, Thor: Ragnarok, Jessica Jones, The Defenders, The Punisher and more! Plus, the hosts discuss The Walking Dead season 7 premiere, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Matt has a comic book recommendation.

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Links and other stuff we talked about

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JAN 135: Chicago’s Haunted History with Scott Larson – The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere (10/26/16)
Fire destroys Willowbrook Ballroom

Matt Delhauer

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[00:05:25] News Links

Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards And The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh Star In Superhero Short Film
CONFIRMED: AT&T Purchases Time Warner For $85.4 Billion
Teresa Palmer Wants to Play Talia Al Ghul in Ben Affleck’s Batman
Report: The Rift That Led to Tim Miller Leaving Deadpool 2 Went Deep
Deadpool 2 Has Its New Director [UPDATED: Or Maybe Not Yet]
Director Taika Waititi Posts A Revealing New Video From The Set Of THOR: RAGNAROK As Production Wraps
Women Will Direct Every Episode of Jessica Jones Season 2
Marvel And Netflix Book Acclaimed Director For First Two Episodes Of THE DEFENDERS; New Synopsis Released
‘The Punisher’ Recruits Paul Schulze, Others For Netflix’s New Marvel Series
The Crow Actor Who Accidentally Shot Brandon Lee, Michael Massee, Dead At 61
Preacher Co-Creator Steve Dillon Dead at 54

[00:49:32] The promos we played

Drinking In The Park Podcast
365Flicks Podcast

[00:52:00] Thank you to our new patron Marie Hopkin!
[00:54:03] Walking Dead Season 7 premiere “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

The Walking Dead Season Seven Premiere Debuts to 20.8 Million Viewers

[01:29:31] The Flash S3 E4 The New Rogues
[01:37:26] Legends of Tomorrow S2 E3 Shogun

Did Legends of Tomorrow Just Tease Bart Allen?


THE FIX—Perfect for crime genre lovers
An all-new series from Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber

[01:56:02] Email from Brett
[01:59:00] Shows to check out

Batman 66 Returns! – Geek Chorus #34

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