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JAN 159: Two Year Anniversary Show (03/26/17)

Join Anthony, Imran and Rugboy as they celebrate The Jock and Nerd Podcast’s second birthday! The hosts look back at the past year’s worth of reviews and interviews, and share birthday wishes from the listeners! The geekfest includes  The Walking Dead, Justice League teasers, more Spider-Man spinoff movies from Sony, and The Nerd is still watching Powerless!

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Rate and review us in iTunes! Show notes: Help spread the geekery with a Jock and Nerd merchandise! Support the show on Patreon for bonus content! Links and other stuff we talked about Follow Rugboy on Twitter @ReallyRugboy Subscribe to Jock and Nerd on YouTube! Links Anthony Mackie on MCU Crossover With Marvel TV: ‘It Wouldn’t Work’ Sony Pictures has plans for a Silver Sable and Black Cat movie Arrow’s Felicity Smoak is Becoming a Superhero Henry Cavill keeps teasing Green Lantern, but why? John Wayne The Conqueror [00:41:55] The promos we played 365FLicks Podcast Varmints! Podcast BrokeBot Mountain Thank you to A Place to Hang Your Cape, The WeBeGeeks Network, The Tangent Bound Network, and The Lounge Network for their support! Make sure you check them out for more great geek content!

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