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JAN 174: Spider-Man’s Cinematic Future – Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer (07/02/17)

The hosts finally get a definitive answer about Spider-Man’s involvement in Sony’s Marvel Universe, take a look at issues on the set of the Han Solo Star Wars spinoff movie, and reveal the director and cast of the next X-Men movie from Fox. Plus, reviews of the latest trailers for Marvel’s Inhumans TV show, the Jumanji reboot and Jackie Chan’s The Foreigner. Rugboy goes on an anime rant, Imran finally saw John Wick and a sports question for the Jock from a listener!

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Rate and review us in iTunes! Show notes: Help spread the geekery with a Jock and Nerd merchandise! Support the show on Patreon for bonus content! Links and other stuff we talked about Follow Rugboy on Twitter @ReallyRugboy Subscribe to Jock and Nerd on YouTube! [00:02:40] Farewell to Clammr JAN 012: Interview with Co-Founder of Clammr, Parviz Parvizi (05/13/2015) [00:09:11] News Links Tom Holland at the Spider-Man Premiere (Facebook video) Spider-Man’s Role in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, Miles Morales is in the MCU, & More Spidey News Spider-Man Won’t Appear in Venom Movie, Marvel Confirms Tom Holland Says SPIDER-MAN Was In IRON MAN 2 Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Explains How Marvel Came Up With Peter Parker’s Iron Man 2 Cameo ‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Kevin Feige Reveals Spider-Man’s Screentime Kevin Feige On Spider-Man’s Life Post Avengers: Infinity War In Homecoming Sequel Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel Starts Minutes After Avengers 4 Inside the deal that brought Sony’s ‘Spider-Man’ back to Marvel’s cinematic universe ‘Star Wars’ Firing Reveals a Disturbance in the Franchise Han Solo: Disney Reportedly ‘Impressed’ With Sizzle Reel Han Solo: A Lord & Miller Director’s Cut Is Possible — Here’s How [00:51:11] The promos we played Is This Adulting? Podcast Gravity Beard Podcast Sketching Comedy Podcast [00:53:08] News Cont’d X-Men: Dark Phoenix – Evan Peters Will Return as Quicksilver ‘The Batman’ will be a “noir driven, detective version of Batman”, says director Matt Reeves Rumor: DC Wants to Make 3 to 4 Superhero Films a Year [01:07:00] Trailer Talk Marvel’s Inhumans – Official Trailer 1 (ABC/IMAX) JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE Official Trailer #1 [HD] Karen Gillan, Dwayne Johnson The Foreigner Official Trailer #1 (2017) Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan Action Movie HD [01:27:00] What we’ve been watching Preacher Season 2 (AMC) Glow (Netflix) Kill La Kill Anime John Wick John Wick TV Show: Keanu Reeves To Appear, Will Explore Continental World [01:39:15] Listener Mailbag Thank you to A Place to Hang Your Cape, The WeBeGeeks Network, The Tangent Bound Network, and The Lounge Network for their support! Make sure you check them out for more great geek content!

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