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A Webb of Zombies? Get Connected Event Coverage.

The Lounge was at the Special Monthly Mixer at Get Connected, where actors, musicians, and film makers meet to talk about and put projects together as well as view each others work.

This episode presents Vitelle Webb who is an singer, dancer, actress, writer, and homeless people advocate. She stars in a variety of plays, films and has a non-profit organization
Her own bio says:

?I want to be living proof that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!?

She is amazing and should be looked at.

Zombie Crush is a kickstarter project which is looking to be invested in by the public. The lead actor is also a 13 year old director of the film. It focuses on a teen perspective of a zombie apocalypse where a 13 year old boy and girl are the only people alive in the middle of the end of the world. But he has a crush on her. Check it out at

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