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DragonCon 2012 Visit

DragonCon 2012 Visit from The Lounge Magazine. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The Lounge Magazine on Blip!

The world is full of entertainment. As fans of all things creative, we have been enjoying film, comics, art, music and more. We live in a new world where we get to sit and watch these forms of creativity fascinate us and live for a moment in a different reality.

It is rare to have an opportunity to dive into these worlds, but there is one event that brings nearly 50,000 people annually. It is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dragon Con has been around since 1987 and has grown in popularity for many years, and what it has allowed fans of sci-fi, fantasy books, films and art to do is share the experience by having the fans become part of the culture and the fantasy.

We pay a quick visit to the 2012 Dragon Con to give you a peak at the experience. Enjoy.

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