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Ep-16- El Cuerpo Del Ritmo -International Episode

A Lounge first, our first international guest Arturo Rodriguez joins us from Madrid Spain and introduces us to their international sounds from natural and cultural sounds to hip, dance rhythms that have no boundaries. As a native of Spain, Arturo insisted in speaking the english language to introduce his project of “El Cuerpo Del Ritmo” or ” The Body of Rhythm” as a way of expanding his reach.
As an experimental project, Arturo produced a collection of songs, along with fellow friends and musicians.

Performed by Arturo Rodriguez, Jo?m Gantes, Ibou Ndiaye, Andrey Kusym, Elba Fern?ndez, V?ctor Gonz?lez and Mike Trompy.
Guest collaborations: Los Potros, 7 Ferre?as and Escuadr?n Operacion Chabolismo.
All tracks composed and arranged by Arturo Rodriguez, except track 10 composed by Arturo Rodriguez with Jo?m Gantes.
Lyrics by Ibou Ndiaye, Andrey Kusym, Elba Fernandez and Arturo Rodriguez, except track 06 by 7 Ferre?as.

Enjoy this episode as it hits many firsts for the Lounge as we reach out to other worlds.

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