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Illustrator and Designer Hugo Bravo Releases New Book

Sci Fi Illustrator and graphic designer Hugo Bravo meets with Artist Alley’s Carlos Phoenix of The Lounge Network. Hugo tells his story about his life and career as an illustrator, art director, and designer of over 20 years. From album cover of Jeru The Demaja we go deep into what decisions Hugo made to get to where he is today. Who his influencers were and his new book project where some of the best Sci Fi artists join to demonstrate their techniques in a simple format. The book is something Hugo had envisioned for many years and decided he wanted to put one together.
The book is called Vision Illustrated, and it contains two page spreads with a variety of artists who their “from concept to completion” art skills.
A few of these artist create by digital means but most in the book are illustrated in oil, acrylics or mixed media.
Please view the episode and share will all your creative , geeky and Sci Fi friends .
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