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Indie Documentary “Dilli” at “Get Connected”

The short documentary “Dilli” has been presented on over 70 film festivals. It focuses on the families that were moved from their homes and schools in order for the government of Delhi India to build accommodations and stadium for the Commonwealth Games of 2010.

Robin Raina who produced the film began a foundation which stepped in to provide a sense of identity and hope for the slum dwellers that have been moved to homelessness. Creating this charity, the have built homes for these families free and clear of charge, in order to help many of them gain a sense of belonging.

The film is visually stunning and gives a ground floor view of the people who have been directly affected by their governments decisions.

The Lounge covers a little about this film which is directed by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh, and produced by Robin Raina.

The interview was at Get Connected in Atlanta with Miglena Sandmeier who is the Director of Publicity for Dilli and the spokesperson for the Robin Raina Foundation. Get Connected’s theme for the month was Bollywood, and Dilli was one of the first films presented in April’s event.

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