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Vampires visit the “Eternal” The Web Series

Vampires visit the “Eternal” The Web Series from The Lounge Magazine. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The Lounge Magazine on Blip!

We met up with writer/director of ?Eternal? Malik Salaam. “Eternal” is a web series that delves into the dark world of vampires, but takes a down to earth urban take of the genre. Using not only vampires but shows off the ills of mankind, by showing pharmaceutical corruption and human trafficking as an interlacing theme.

Using a character that just doesn?t seem to get a break. The first two episodes have already been released and more coming.

Meet this charismatic creative writer and see if his talent is worth your viewership. The episodes are shot well and don?t throw you into the typical vampire scenario.

“Joshua Davis is bitten by a seductive vampire and discovers that there is an underworld of parasites hiding amongst us in plain sight. He now finds himself in a struggle to save his soul from eternal damnation before he turns into a full fledged bloodsucker.”

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