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The BubblrLounge is simply an online video network.

In 2008, The Lounge Network was formed to inspire creatives who do not wish to comply to industry standards of limiting their talent and access to audience.  Guests were artist’s who break barriers and reach their target markets.  Fast-forward, now with the power of live video we have expanded the way we engage with the audience.

In 2016, a group of people decided to venture into social media to see what all the hype was about. To see if there was something that could be tapped into for business, friendship, and community. What was found was something more powerful than anyone thought possible. We are connecting people from all around the globe to share their knowledge, skills, and talent with the world and who also crave so much more. What was born out of this desire for greatness and connection? BubblrMedia!

BubblrMedia combined with The Lounge Network  is a modern water cooler of live streaming and on demand refreshment. We bring a vast array of creators from around the globe to one convenient location. This collaborative platform has been developed to not only bring audiences together to engage and be entertained by their favorite creators but also to lift creators to new heights. Raising their sphere of influence and propelling them to accelerated success by being part of this dynamic community.  

How does this effect the industry?

Well lets look at the entertainment industry.  Recording labels, movie companies, tv stations, radio stations, movie rentals..etc. Now most don’t realize that they are mostly owned by a handful of companies. So to make it big, you have to make at least one of these companies happy.

At BubblrLounge, we offer combined live and on-Demand content for you to enjoy.

Sure we are small and independent, but its all about the talent.

We are always looking for new shows and content to have on The BubblrLounge Network.
If you wish to offer a show or have ideas please contact us.

If you have an event or an artist that you would like for The Lounge to cover contact:

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How Can The Lounge Help Your Talent!

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Interested?  The Lounge is growing and the new site is just the beginning.

We have the means to cover live events, conduct interviews and produce original content, so let us know what your thinking.

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