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R´ha – Independent single animator(short movie)

Student of Digital film single hand-idly created this digital short in seven months.  Talent like this should be rewarded. But the world of digital art and effects is going through some tough times right know so good luck to all you talented students. Story : Rha is an alien that is

Azarkant- Andrey Klimov (Animated Short)

Borrowed this graphic from Azarkant—a 3D short directed by Andrey Klimov, is also the animator and creator of the video. It seems that Andrey did almost everything but the music. From what we gather he is a student from Kama Institute of Art and Design Which we guess is in

VFX Town-Hall 3.14 LIVE STREAM

As the Oscars has show, the world of Visual FX has gone wild. With multiple companies going out of business even after receiving Oscars for their work, many don't know how brutal the effects industry really is. This is a live feed of parts of the industry discussing what really is

Paperman – Full Animated Short Film

Incredible animation posted by Disney on YouTube, shows how classic animation and 3D computer animation can be blended to give remarkable story telling qualities.  Take a look at the soft and loving sentiments laid out by the black and white old fashion feel and no dialog can tell a compelling

Short film Genesis

Production that was shared on Facebook, and it caught our eye. As we follow many film companies, we caught this little one by Dolphin Bay Films (facebook link).  The are an  independent film production company located in the heart of the United States. They seemed to have worked on this project with