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Artist Dorian Vallejo in depth interview (edited) Artist Alley Dorian Vallejo began as an artist from an early age thanks to the deep influence his father, renowned sci fi/ fantasy Artist Boris Vallejo. Starting professionally in his teens, Dorian began commissions with various book publishers while also learning his craft in art schools. The Lounge's host Carlos Phoenix, reviews Dorian's

Dave Dorman Stars Wars to Dungeons and Dragons: The Lounge Interview. Eisner, Inkpot, Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild award winner Dave Dorman is beloved by fans worldwide as a visual storyteller—an artist, creator, toy designer, and mentor in the comics industry, joins Carlos Phoenix on The Lounge Network as our first illustrative artist guest.We discuss his beginnings, from his first


Cortes doing a grafitti piece for Meres' black book. Artwork by Christian Cortes, Edited by Tameeka Ballance. 2007

CortesNyc’s Art Studio Live -Episode 7

  Christian Cortes doing another session of artwork live online.  This time inspired by the films of Harry Potter.   Let us know what you think.

CortesNyc’s Art Studio (sketchbook session) Ep 6

  Artist Christian Cortes in NYC is a fairly well known graffiti artist and graphic designer. Part of what we enjoy about him is his willingness to share his experiences and show his creative process.  Here is Episode 6 of his online video series with John Smalls and moderator Tameekatime. Part 2 Part