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ATOME (FX Short)

Valentin Tui shows us ATOME- Short movie and its making of directed at ArtFx with Adrien CAPPAI and Chloé MILLE. Visually amazing especially when it seems that the character creating this art seems to be blind.   In an abandoned warehouse, an artist is creating a mural, concentrated in his art, he

Thousandth Street (short film) student

Visually beautiful with a heavy take from Blade Runner, this film was done by students at the ArtFX school in France. Take a look ans share. Support these indie artists with heavy talents. The break of a police officer on patrol Suddenly is interrupted by an unexpected event 
 All which he

VFX Town-Hall 3.14 LIVE STREAM

As the Oscars has show, the world of Visual FX has gone wild. With multiple companies going out of business even after receiving Oscars for their work, many don't know how brutal the effects industry really is. This is a live feed of parts of the industry discussing what really is

Short film Genesis

Production that was shared on Facebook, and it caught our eye. As we follow many film companies, we caught this little one by Dolphin Bay Films (facebook link).  The are an  independent film production company located in the heart of the United States. They seemed to have worked on this project with

Solid Angle’s Arnold renderer showreel 2013

Solid Angle has been busy creating an amazing renderer called Arnold  for the last 16 years it has been put into  the production pipeline of Sony Imageworks as it’s renderer and into their Katana lighting / look development pipeline software.  First feature film was Sony’s ” Monster House” and every

Sidefx Next Steps series continues with the upcoming Procedural Modeling for Games and VFX webinar ……

Sidefx software and Ari Danesh are starting registration for their upcoming Procedural Modeling webinar training as part of the Next Steps series.  Geared towards those wanting to learn Houdini who haven’t had much experience using the software. Here he will go over the way to create models using houdini’s procedural methods

Prometheus latest trailer.

Yes we cover the world of indie film makers, but the "summer" spring blockbusters are coming out and we have to admit. For some of us, it is what inspired us to do what we do. Prometheus is one of these films that brings old film memories back.

Siri gets Angry. The video.

We stumbled on this video and thought that it was not only creative, but had a bit of production value even if the premise is a bit silly. If you have an iPhone 4S you are already familiar with the SIRI feature. Well someone decided to creat a very short but