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Bonus: Internet Memes and Bro Hashtags

Here's a sample of the bonus content our Patreon supporters are enjoying! Everyone contributes to get us all up to speed on the internet's latests memes and bro hashtags during some preshow silliness prior to recording Jock and Nerd 204. Want more clips like this? Become a patron today and

JAN 200: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (12/24/17)

The hosts are joined by artist John Bellotti, Jr. for a full-spoiler review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the 200th episode of The Jock and Nerd Podcast. Be a part of the show! Send us a message: Voicemail: (312) 248-4376 (312-248-HERO) Email: Twitter: @jockandnerdcast

JAN 195: Justice League Review (11/19/17)

Justice League is finally here and it's...a movie! It took Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon to finally bring the iconic superhero team together for the first time on the big screen and the hosts give you their thoughts in this full-spoiler review!  Be a part of the show!

JAN 194: Thor: Ragnarok Review (11/12/17)

Anthony, Imran and Rugboy deliver a full-spoiler review of Marvel Studios' 17th movie, Thor: Ragnarok! Plus, Fox held talks to sell to Disney, long-time Marvel writer Brian Micheal Bendis leaves for DC Comics, and listener reviews and audio! Be a part of the show! Send us a message: