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Sundays (Short Film)

Short movie Sundays

Mischa Rozema and PostPanic Pictures' debut film project SUNDAYS completes a first step towards its Feature Film goal with the release of this ambitious proof-of-concept short. Much-anticipated and widely-supported by the international creative community (over 50K US Dollars was donated on Kickstarter alone for the live action filming part in

366 Days by Die Trickfilmer

Starting his social work as a paramedic, young Patrick soon comes into contact with patients who are all suffering from the same problem: loneliness... Written & Directed by Johannes Friedrich Schiehsl featuring the voices of Peter Hörmanseder and Hosea Ratschiller

DESPERATION (Indie Short Film)

DESPERATION, the story about a confused and distraught sister, is the first short film by 14-year-old filmmaker Jonathan Ruiz, who wrote, directed, edited and starred in the movie. I hope to make many films in the future and hope you like this film. My next one will be a bit happier

Malevolence (Short Film)

A young girl has been abducted and her mother is left with clues where to find her, but her life falls into peril when she finds out who kidnapped her daughter and why. 2011 San Antonio 48 hour film project entry from Levisite Enterprises in association with Odyssey Creative Entertainment.

From the future with love (Short Film)

Found this film on Vimeo and thought the production was so good we wanted to share it. A movie Written and Directed by K-MICHEL PARANDI Produced by James Lawler Productions Producers: James Lawler & K-Michel Parandi Executive Producer: Virgil Price / Co-Executive Producer: Lauren Beck Original concept: K-Michel Parandi Production Design & Concept Artist: Ben Mauro

Before I go – Director Star Victoria (Short Film)

Star Victoria is know by local film creators. This short film focuses on issues that may be familiar to some locals in the Gay and Lesbian community through out the US and beyond.  Straight forward and to the point the film is powerful  and well shot. Here are the films details:   A


  Indie Fan film about Eddie Brock... need I say more?  "shot as a parody of Rémy Belvaux, André Bonzel and Benoît Poelvoorde’s Man Bites Dog, the stylistic short sees a French film crew catching up with Eddie Brock post-Daily Bugle firing. It’s black-and-white aesthetic, " from Set in NYC in the

Plan B – 2013 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project

Plan B - 2013 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project - Bontrager Twin Dewayne Bontrager Former guest and film maker Dewayne Bontrager has released his short made for the 48 hr film festival. The film is about a couple sitting in a Diner or cafe, discussing ideas of getting money. As the

Thousandth Street (short film) student

Visually beautiful with a heavy take from Blade Runner, this film was done by students at the ArtFX school in France. Take a look ans share. Support these indie artists with heavy talents. The break of a police officer on patrol Suddenly is interrupted by an unexpected event 
 All which he

Rip! A Remix Manifesto (iNdie Film)

Ever wonder what copyright is like for consumers and business alike? Here is a film that focuses on the good and bad of the Laws designed to protect artists, but can in fact harm them, thanks to the large businesses that manipulate them to benefit their pockets. Rip! A Remix Manifesto

REAP (Short Film) Director Star Victoria

An abusive father is carjacked on his way to play pool. Director Star Victoria takes us to a place that many hope they never have to live. In an abusive family situation. In a world where gun violence has become a political firestorm and domestic violence continues fairly hidden, sometimes in

Bring Your A Game

To generate a national conversation on the plight of Black men and boys, the Twenty-First Century Foundation (21CF) has partnered with actor-director Mario Van Peebles and producer Karen Williams to create Bring Your A Game - a groundbreaking documentary film that, in Van Peebles' words, "sheds light on the resilience

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

If you have never heard of The Pirate Bay, you must not pay to much attention to piracy of movies, video games and most of all music. The industries claim that millions if not billions of dollars in revenue are lost world wide and is in effect slowing down the

The scared is scared (short film)

Film maker Bianca Giaver set out to create a movie and asked a six year old, what should it be about? Of course the six year old is going to get deep and philosophical and talk about the meaning of life... In the form of pizza and cookies and bears

Paperman – Full Animated Short Film

Incredible animation posted by Disney on YouTube, shows how classic animation and 3D computer animation can be blended to give remarkable story telling qualities.  Take a look at the soft and loving sentiments laid out by the black and white old fashion feel and no dialog can tell a compelling

Realm of Souls

Spirit World Productions is soon to release yet another film. We had spoken to them once at Get Connected (video below) and they really are working their butts of to scare the heck out of us. Take a look and tell us what you think. Realm of Souls Official Trailer: Last

RED (Official Trailer)

Many of you have seen our Get Connected videos from a monthly event that happens in Atlanta, which is a mixer for independent artist to meet each other and hopefully work together and see new productions. Get Connected is a monthly film and entertainment industry networking mixer. Our mission is to

Thoughts of peace and meditation. (Indie Film)

This documentary delivers a universal message of peace. In 53 minutes, this film spans the cosmos, instincts, reincarnation, cellular biology, personality disorders, computer science and much more and offers a compelling case about why meditation is vital for our evolution, both personal and otherwise.If you enjoy it and find it

Black Tribbles TV (BTTV #001) Tauntaun Debate

Welcome to Black Tribbles TV, a show that focuses on the universe of entertainment and geekdom with a Sci-fi perspective. From Host Reg Clinton Brown (Hedge)who himself is an actor and has been involved in many projects, but lets focus on the show. Introducing the first episode of many

Talent and Crew looking for work can find it at Southern Film Productions

Southern Film Productions is a website where people in the south can communicate their projects and look for local film projects that they can work on.  Their Missions Statement pretty much sums it up: "We strive to deliver a unique service posting consolidated information in a concise and easy to use