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DephArie & Dj Tito – Fkn Wit Ya (Music Video)

Meet Atlanta‘s own DJ Tito as he unites with DephArie under the unique sounds of Digital Madhouse to bring to us their “FKN W/ YA” music video directed by Fareli. Check out the video and comment below: Check out their latest release: Dj Tito & DephArie - "Indigo" @import url(; #pgc-5845-0-0 { width:100%;width:calc(100% - ( 0 *

Music Artist Lea Anderson Interview (Bonus Footage) Music Artist Lea Anderson gave an exclusive rooftop interview to Carlos Phoenix Live. Carlos is the Host of The Lounge Network. Lea Anderson is a Washington DC Native and she performed live at Tijuana Picnic a few days before the interview, when she launched her latest music video there. That performance

Lea Anderson- “One Good Man” (Official Video)

Buy now! On iTunes: Follow Lea Anderson on Instagram and Twitter: @iamLeaAnderson Lyrics and Melody by Lea Anderson Produced by D-Moet Music Composition by Jaime Hazan Music video shot, edited and directed by Darryl Ebanks Styled by Lea Anderson Make-up By Alexandria McCray Featured Models: "Sharina Louise" Sharpe Ann Lo Erika Peckhardt Carla G. Micaela Verrelien Marta Bagratun Islima Songbird Lizzy Ashleigh Rebecca Barber Maria Cortorreal Alex Berrocal Oscar Eli Jonathan

Lost-2-Found Tribute (Music Video)

We accept people sending us videos on our Facebook, at times they are videos shared at random. This one caught our eye, outside of great sound production and its great sentiment, we found this video grab a moment in time where violence continues to echo in our society. This video