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Carlos Phoenix: Doris Morgado Episode One Live

Special Guest Doris Morgado was live with Carlos Phoenix on BubblrMedia.. Episode one! Doris is a Cuban /Venezuelan actress who has been interviewed before by Carlos. In fact he was the first person to interview her 3-4 years ago. In that interview, she was still beginning her career in film.   ​​ Carlos

Raw Travel Host Robert Rose returns Special guest Robert Rose, returns to The Lounge Network sharing his amazing travel adventures and behind the scenes information as an independent producer. We go on Facebook Live and interact with RawTravel fans. We talk about which country is awesome to goto and which are a little dangerous. As an

Music Artist Lea Anderson Interview (Bonus Footage) Music Artist Lea Anderson gave an exclusive rooftop interview to Carlos Phoenix Live. Carlos is the Host of The Lounge Network. Lea Anderson is a Washington DC Native and she performed live at Tijuana Picnic a few days before the interview, when she launched her latest music video there. That performance

Author Russell Gaynor: Book Launch of STARBLAZER (Blab) Author Russell Gaynor: Book Launch of STARBLAZER (Blab) The Lounge is dedicated to presenting incredible talents and demonstrate their diversity and efforts to become artists of their genre. Here we do a Blab where author Russell Gaynor is doing a live release and interview of his newest book of the Beyond The

CTO of Blab Furqan Rydhan on The Lounge Network

Special Guest and Chief Technology Officer of new social media and live streaming platform joins us to discuss this new phenominal platform. Blab is a website/ app which allows users to discuss and join communities online from all over the world with a four window screen and chat room. Fourteen

Apple Event Aftermath Conversation (Blab)

An In depth conversation about Apple's latest tech announcements including the iPad pro, Apple TV and iPhone 6s. Using the new Blab Live streaming platform, other guests join in to talk and ask questions.  This is a raw video of most of the conversation, which was recorded live on amzn_assoc_placement =

TLN Introduces Bridgette Angelique (Music Video) Bridgette Angelique is a Latin artist who is moving into the mainstream market by participating with other hot independent artists. Coming from Long Island, NY she self- released her R&B/Pop debut album, “Plan B” with production & engineering by the mult-talented, Eryck Bry . We catch up with Bridgette and quickly go

Special Guest Gabriel Orengo at Icon Studios The Lounge is dedicated to presenting incredible talents and demonstrate their diversity and efforts to become artists of their genre. We present up an coming artist Gabriel Orengo. Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian, song writer, producer, drummer, piano player, and singer, Gabriel is setting himself up to be a powerful and successful

The life and times of Santiago Cirilo

Santiago Cirilo Walking Dead From the Dead to the Paranormal the life and times of Santiago Cirilo Puerto Rican Actor and former military Santiago Cirilo is no stranger to pain, nor violence, nor being poor. He lived in Ohio with 5 brothers, 1 sister and eventually expanded his horizons in the military. After 6 years

Sexton Creations Creator Kevin Sexton Sexton Creations is a studio in Dalton Georgia, that provides artistic services in sculpting, illustration and film making. We get together with creator and owner Kevin Sexton to talk about his beginnings as a child the as a wrestler and discuss how became to pursue his life of art and film

AT&T Hackerthon at The Foundry (Tech Show) AT&T Hackerthon at The Foundry with Cairo Qween and Carlos Phoenix in Atlanta. We chat and feature some young new talent who are coming into the world of business.  AT&T is working on technology on the internet of things from cameras, door locks and more, and they are having tech

Catching up with Steve Narvaez in NYC- (Christmas Special) Christmas Day 2014, we catch up with Steve and go over what he's doing with his music. We talk about the future we talk about the music in the street and we get to hear some of his music. Take a listen. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_enable_interest_ads = "true"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "thelounet-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "auto"; amzn_assoc_ad_type

Latin Pop Diva Giselle Gastell Latin beauty and pop singer/ song writer Giselle Gastell was making the rounds in Atlanta, as she is on a publicity tour promoting her latest single "ESTUPIDA CANCION". We get to chat with Giselle about he fast moving start and what steps she is taking to get recognition in the industry. Check

Return of Mr. Robotic (iNdie Lounge) We catch up with one of our first guest Marcus Harris (Mr. Robotic), who impressed us in his ability to have a different approach to the music industry by going after film and television to get his music out there. Well its five years later and he just returned from

Singer, Director Aurora enlightens the iNdie Lounge (EDM Artist) Latina music artist Aurora is soon to release her hit single “Heaven” music video. Host Carlos Phoenix, sits down for an interview reviewing Aurora’s history in music and getting into video and film production. This talented and sexy woman seems to be a trend in our interviews of power women

London Pop Star Artist Jahna Sebastian Says hello to The iNdie Lounge (Pop Artist)   Jahna Sebastian is an singer/actress and accomplished musician who writes, produces, performs, engineers, mixes her own music doing it all from programming instruments to editing. She is also producing and engineering for other artists, having recorded and mixed entire albums and mixtapes in her studio Multivizion Music, which since it’s

Sex, Love, and Adrian Manzano (Film Maker) From the Georgia Latin Film Festival, we catch Adrian Manzano presenting his latest film "Sex, Love, & Salsa" and we chat about the film and how he go into film. "Sex, Love, & Salsa" is a latin how to be a player in NYC. Shot in a documentary style it