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JAN 162: Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix Review (04/16/17)

The gang discusses the crazy Batman movie rumors, the Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer, casting for Cable in the Deadpool sequel, and hidden political messages in a new X-Men comic and more! Plus, Anthony, Imran and Rugboy review the first season of Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix and share listener feedback!

JAN 159: Two Year Anniversary Show (03/26/17)

Join Anthony, Imran and Rugboy as they celebrate The Jock and Nerd Podcast's second birthday! The hosts look back at the past year's worth of reviews and interviews, and share birthday wishes from the listeners! The geekfest includes  The Walking Dead, Justice League teasers, more Spider-Man spinoff movies from Sony,

JAN 158: Kong: Skull Island Review (03/19/17)

Enjoy a full-spoiler review of Legendary Pictures' latest entry to their Monsterverse, Kong: Skull Island! Artist John Bellotti Jr. joins Anthony, Imran and Rugboy for the review and to remember Bernie Wrightson, discuss the new Wonder Woman trailer, The Batman news, Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix, the recently announced Venom

JAN 157: Logan Review (03/12/17)

The hosts are joined by Mr. Antihero, Kevin McPartlin, for this spoiler review of Logan! Plus, the Deadpool 2 teaser, DCEU open to making R-rated movies, Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix getting poor early reviews, Thor: Ragnarok is super colorful, a Florida Con bans cosplay, Chris Hardwick creates a new

JAN 155: The Science of Superheroes (02/26/17)

Anthony, Imran and Rugboy invite listener and scientist Adam Morris to geek out about the science of superheroes! Adam, an environmental and wildlife toxicologist, shares stories from his time studying polar bears in the arctic and breaks down some scientific origins for superhero powers. Be a part of the

JAN 153: Cartoonist Gregg Schigiel (02/18/17)

Imran and Rugboy welcome cartoonist Gregg Schigiel to learn about his book, Pix: One Weirdest Weekend, coming out from Image Comics! Gregg shares stories from his time working at Marvel Comics, drawing the infamous anti-drug Spider-Man story "FastLane", drawing SpongeBob comics, self-publishing, podcasting and much more! Be a part of

JAN 148: Upcoming Superhero TV in 2017 (01/18/17)

Wonder Woman villain revealed! Will Ben Affleck bail on the DCEU? Green Lantern Corps announces characters and writers! Deadpool 2 details about Cable! Fox's X-Men reboot working title uncovered! Plus, Anthony, Imran and Rugboy discuss upcoming Superhero TV for 2017 that they are mildly excited for! And a bunch of

JAN 146: Ranking The Superhero Movies of 2016 (01/01/17)

Anthony and Imran are joined by John Bellotti Jr. to remember Carrie Fisher and talk Rogue One box office, spoilers for Justice League and Deadpool in the Wolverine movie rumors! Plus, the gang rank the 2016 Superhero movies from worst to best, give out geek recommendations and share listener email!