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Joe Menendez on Artist Alley for the Georgia Latino Film Festival.

Award winning Director Joe Menendez is our guest tonite with The Georgia Latino Film Festival along with The Lounge Network on Latinos in Hollywood. We talk about his directing of projects like "from dusk till dawn" and "12 Monkeys" among other projects. We get personal about life as a director, and

Oscar Torre with Carlos Phoenix Live with the GALFF

Meet Oscar Torre from Hangover III and The Boatman live with Carlos Phoenix in its entirety. Oscar Torre talk a little about his background, his films and details his path to getting consistent work despite the struggles being a latin phenom and talent. We discuss what changes need

Carlos Phoenix Speaks to Rick Najera about Life and Entertainment

RICK NAJERA RAW Join Carlos Phoenix as he interviews Rick Najera about his life and the power of Hollywood Latinos. Visit the Georgia Latino Facebook Page SUBSCRIBE TO LATINO THOUGHT MAKERS AT: The interview will be at 11pm EST using Facebook Live thanks to the 6901

Guest Esai Morales talks about SAG-Aftra

Georgia Latino Film Alliance and Carlos Phoenix of The Lounge Networks Presents Esai Morales star of #Netflix #Ozark and Candidate for SAG -AFTRA President. Original Video was produced on Facebook Live.We talk a little about his career and his run for presidency of SAG-AFTRA and the changes he would like

Carlos Phoenix: Doris Morgado Episode One Live

Special Guest Doris Morgado was live with Carlos Phoenix on BubblrMedia.. Episode one!Doris is a Cuban /Venezuelan actress who has been interviewed before by Carlos. In fact he was the first person to interview her 3-4 years ago. In that interview, she was still beginning her career in film.  Carlos

American Yard Part 2(The Lounge Magazine)

New up and coming artists American Yard, discusses some of the hard truths about the current music industry. Signed with Konvict, and Universal distributing, they tell how they approach getting their name out there. Music can be heard at at the social network via Chuck Anderson, and singles can be

New Musical Artists: American Yard at

New up and coming artists American Yard, reveals what its it like to get into the music industry. Signed with Konvict, the group, tells how they got together and the hard work it takes to get their name out there. Music can be heard at at the social network

Ep 11 Blindfold Productions (Recording Studio)

For Episode 11 we goto Blindfold Productions and chat with Johnny and Craig, who have opened a new recording studio that focuses highly on acoustic value of sound and music. ;They are opening their doors to artists who highly value the power of sound in their music.

Horne Brothers – Start of Dreams

Sneak Peak of what it was like to be at the Premiere of The Start of Dreams. Directed by The Horne Brothers at The story of award-winning director Kenny Leon bringing aspiring teenage actors to a Broadway stage in his annual August Wilson Monologue competition. Brief interview with Kenny Leon about

Mortal Kombat, and Dishing into Blockbuster Ep 8

The Lounge Crew discuss Mortal Kombat the web series, Google investing in original content, Blockbuster being bought at an auction, and Indie documentary by The Horne Brothers, and being able to shoot 360 degrees with the iPhone. Hope you enjoy the show.

Corbette Jackson and Mckenzie Comer at Madras Middle School HD

The Lounge Magazine continues its support of music artists. Corbette Jackson and Mckenzie Comer both perform at the Madras Middle School, with a great message about never giving up, and sharing the inspirational story about how Chris Landreau's story helped create the hit "The Heart of a Champion". to

Introducing Dakota Williams

The Lounge Magazine begins its interview with unsigned artist Dakota Williams. ; He is a talented music artist from Chicago, and we talk to him about his beginnings, his background .